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Enjoy this video before lunch. 



What is happening here?


Definition of decomposing:  https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/decompose  


You will be studying soil and rocks soon. 

Have you heard of a compost pile?  How is creating rich soil related to decomposing fractions?


TASK1 - Alaina and Sareen are raking leaves from their yard for a compost pile.  Together they fill the compost pile 7/8 full.

Write as many different possible ways to combine their portions as possible.


TASK2 - Caden and Robert decide to combine their food bucket scraps to create a compost pile of their own.

Robert added four buckets of scrap to a compost container that holds 19 buckets.  When Caden adds his 3 buckets, what are the

possible ways for Caden and Robert to split the number of buckets to completely fill their container?


TASK 3 -  David and Ashley  find a rotting fox on a ranch not far from their home.  Each day they return to check on it.

By day 8 only 4/10 tenths of the fox had decomposed.  How many more days did it take to completely decompoxe


TASK 4 - The evil knight, Sir Bruce Sans Pete, begins to disappear over a period of time because he eats magical mandrake root.  One of his six body parts  disappears

daily until all gone. Create a chart showing the unit fraction and the missing body part daily.


TASK 5- Write your own word problem requiring decomposing to solve.

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