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Salado Intermediate  3602 South W.W. White San Antonio, Texas 78222

Welcome to the Salado GT/Extensions page for 2018-2019






  *** MAIN LINKS ***

Start of the Year

Edmodo Badges   Earthweek
Salado Morning Show 

 Book Lexiles Morning Show On-line Book Report Salado Newspaper

4th Grade Art Club Salado Poets Society  FX Team 5th Grade


Greek Project

Math Challenge



We are in the process of recording some voice overs for those who were absent on certain filming dates .

Here is the list of lines we need done. Please record the lines with a computer or phone (as a movie file)  and email them to bradley.grant@ecisd.net.


Sir Valon:  It was my pleasure, m'lady.  How came you to be captured by such ruffians alone in the woods?

Sir Valon: We will return there shortly, but if you wish to travel there now,  just follow the path behind me to Camelot.  It should be a short trip to safety.  Very well, we will meet you there when we return.

Alan- OK, that's bad. . .

Alan- Those aren't "people". That's Sir Kai.

Alan: Where?

Alan: Our quest is at an end. Let us return to Camelot to tell King Arthur.

Elaine- That's right.  Isn't there one more noble to rescue?

Elaine: Well, this is different. I don't think we are in Britain anymore.

Elaine- We need to get to some help.

Elaine: That's why Morgana is kidnapping the fearie nobles!

Elaine: Where have you been?

Elaine: Oh....yeah.

Elaine: Sister Isabelle!

Elaine: It's magic?

Elaine: I will meet you there. I have some questions to be answered first.

Sister Isabelle- God has heard my prayers and saved him.

Sister Isabelle- Maven, I hate to say it, but we need your sorcery to fight your mother and her copper horrors.

Sister Isabelle- You do know that your cooking pot is being used to raise demons from a copper fog?

Sir Kai:  She's gone, Elaine.

Sir Kai: No, it's a miracle.

Sir Kai: Heaven I'd guess.





Here is a link to our project work page:



None today




none right now...


Contest Links


We are working on creation of a digital medieval city to be used in our simulation.

The link below is a place to get the program we are using at school for use at home. 

Make sure a parent is OK with downloading it for free.  It might cost 10$ for an activation key.




Check out our sister site: Oak Crest GT


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