Make ECO System folders


Understanding Ecosystems for Kids: Producers, Consumers, Decomposers—Free School


What is an Ecosystem? Watch, Learn, Discover—Monkeysee


Write half a page paragraph about your understanding of  “Invasive Species.”

Go to the Texas Parks & Wildlife website regarding Exotic and Invasive Species.

Explore the site and accompanying links as appropriate.


Work in pairs to create a GPS Tour—Guided Professional Sightseeing. As you view the information on the site and the links as appropriate, you will record information you find in a field journal using the following headings:



  1. Create a wanted poster that depicts the invasive species and why there is a “price on its head.” The poster should include characteristics, last known location, “crime,” award, suspected sightings, etc.
  2. Create and produce a documentary depicting an affected ecosystem through an invasive species or human interaction.
  3. Create an original work of art that depicts an ecosystem affected by an invasive species or damaged through human interaction AND shows how the ecosystem could look through restorative actions, preservation, etc.
  4. Create a mock trial in which the invasive species is the defendant and the ecosystem is the plaintiff. The students will create a script that includes the “crimes,” evidence, attorneys’ dialogues, objections, verdict, etc.
  5. Create a community awareness program with the purpose of teaching the community the importance of protecting ecosystems.
  6. Create an informative Prezi, Smore, Weebly, or Symbaloo that reflects the research and learning. Follow all district policies and procedures prior to student usage of technology.