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College Survey

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My Name:


  1. The degree I want is: (Degree, description, approximate time)

      Professional certificate (vocational school) about a year

      Associates (community college) 2 years

      Bachelor (college or university) 4 years

      Masters (college or university) 4 years + 2 years

      Doctoral (college or university) 4 years + 4 years


  1. My best classes are: Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science


  1. My favorite classes are: Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science


  1. I think I would like to study (name some majors e.g. Journalism, Teaching, Science, Engineering, Acting, Politics, Art, Business, Law, Medicine)


  1. I think I would like a small school (<5000), medium school (5000-10,000), large school (10,000+)


  1. Student to teacher ration: 10:1, 10:1-19:1, 20:1-29:1, 30:1 or higher

            10:1 means 10 students per teacher, 30:1 means 30 students per teacher


  1. I want to… stay close to home, stay in Texas, not be too far away, go anywhere!


  1. Climate: Warm, sunny, rainy, wet, cold



Rate 0-9 for how important each category is to you (9 means it is important 0 not at all.   You may use numbers as many times as necessary).

Good Professors

Good Quality of Life

Good Academics

Athletics Program




Activities (Write N for the school NEEDS it or W for you want to have it)








Other Notes:


Back to Life

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