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Simulation Teams

Page history last edited by Bradley Grant 9 years, 6 months ago

Simulation Teams


                         Martian Gushers(oil): Cpt. Zoe, Devin, Allen, Brandon, Hayden

                               +100,000$ grant for organization   58/100


                         Planet Prospectors Inc.(miners) : Cpt.Teresa Q., Jerry, Rudy P., Haily O.,

                                                                            Christian B., Mark P.

                                                  +20,000 grant for pre-presentation   82/100


                         Red Planet Rebels(religion): Cpt.Christian C., Antonio, Ivan, Rebecca, Maribel

                                                             +90,0000$ investment by George Lucas  74/100


                         AggriMars Inc.(farmers): Cpt.Gena, Lauren P., Lauren R., Bo, Joel

                                +100,000$ grant for pre-presentation

                                 +1,000,000 from sponsor 21st century insurance     94/100


                         The Red Tree(scientists): Cpt.Orion, Ashley, Hannah, De Anna, Amilynn, Robert

                                        +50,000$ organized           94/100


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