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Book Project Ideas

Page history last edited by Bradley Grant 9 years, 1 month ago

Reading Group Final Project Ideas

Author Study
    biographical information
    professional information
    attempt contact with the author

“Cliff Notes”
    who are the main characters?
    summaries of important events

Comic Book
    major events in the story
    illustrated and narrated

“Book Jacket”
    what would YOU put on the cover?
    what summary would you include?
    what quotes, information, etc would YOU include on the back?

Alternate Ending
    rewrite the final chapter(s) of the book…
    how would YOU like the story to end?  what would you change?

Write a short story Prequel/sequel
    use information and characters from your book
    “short stories” are not less than 4 pages…

    list websites about the book
    describe the websites in detail
    catalogue the resources on the website

Character descriptions
    choose 3 major characters
    describe each character in no less than 3 paragraphs
        physical appearance
        “internal” – feeling, emotions, etc.
    draw a colored portrait for each character (it should complement your description)
        portraits are artwork quality – suitable for display (should contain details, color, setting)

    cover the plot
    weather report
    feature story on an important character
    be creative – we are the Red, White, and News!

    compose an original song (it may be to the beat of another song with new words)
    the song must include: title, author, setting, and main characters
    GarageBand may help…
    thinking of a famous song may help…
    Weird Al may be inspiration…

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