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Puppet Fable Project




Little is known about the famous Greek fable writer Aesop. He probably lived around 600 BC and is said to have come from Phrygia. He is regarded as the father of fable-telling. Aesop was a Greek slave. Any records on this fabulist are based on legends and myths. It is said that he was very close to the people and shared his wisdom with the people in humorous and funny tales. Having served under several different masters as a slave, Aesop is said to have been set free by the Samian Iadmon and subsequently he is said to have lived at the court of king Croesus. King Croesus, who was amazed by Aesop's smart wit, sent him on various missions. During one of these missions to Delphi, Aesop is said to have been killed by the local priestess for blasphemy. The European tradition of fable writing was founded on the basis of Aesop's legacy.


Aesop Collection #1

Tales with Morals



La Fontaine


 Biography and collection #1


Example Fable Morals


Treat people the way you want to be treated.

Never cheat or you might be cheated yourself.

You can't do EVERYTHING by yourself.

Once a liar, always a liar.

To cover for a liar is to be a liar yourself.

Practice makes perfect.

Careful being a trickter, you may be tricked yourself.

Never trust a flatterer.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Don't judge a book by its cover.

Be careful judging others, you might be just as bad.

Don't be greedy.

Be careful teasing others, you might be mean.

Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.

Stand up for what is right even if you are standing alone.

Some help isn't much help at all.

Gossip may come back to bite you.

Sometimes opportunity is disguised as a challenge.

Even small people can be a big help.


Each puppet has some suggestions for the archetype it might fulfill in your story.


Crocodile - cruel

Phoenix - powerful, dangerous

Hare - quick, timid

Owl - wise

Zebra- fast, humorous, playful

Toucan - noisy, mocking, colorful, flashy, brag

Camel - annoying, lazy, nasty, slow, patient

Sheep - victim, innocent, fat, stupid,

Giraffe- tall, stuck up, polite

Alligator- hungry, mean, sneaky, tricky

Horse - fast, strong, helpful, smart, brave

Ass - stubborn, annoying, stupid, sturdy

Turtle - slow, wise, stubborn, scared, hungry

Tortoise- slow, wise, stubborn, scared, hungry 

Wolf - hungry, fierce, cruel, smart

Spider - creepy, cruel, scary, deadly

Crow - stupid, ugly, poor singer,

Caterpillar - slow, hungry, lazy, colorful,

Cockatoo - proud, vain, stuck up

Rooster - loud, proud, greedy, annoying

Monarch Butterfly - beautiful

Green Moth - sleepy, sassy

Ladybug - victim, pretty

Monkey - crazy, fool, wise, loud, imature

Elephant - strong, powerful, big

Wombat -victim

Hippo - big, strong, aggressive, mean, bully

Armadillo - small, coward, victim

Scorpion - fierce, mean, wise, deadly 

Bear - big, stupid, strong

Gila Monster - piousness, mean, bully

Ostrich - tall, fool, gullible, dumb

Fox - wise, fast, mean, trickster

Rhino - bully, grumpy

Puppy- cute, victim,

Raccoon - thief, mischievous, fast

Porcupine - prickly, defensive

Shark - mean, scary, big, strong

Buffalo - Big, strong

Mouse- powerless, weak, victim

Lion - powerful, big, strong

Triceratops egg - gullible, innocent, stupid,

lemming -stupid, gullible, fool, small


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