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Page history last edited by RileyW 8 years, 10 months ago

Shanty: Paul Bunyan's Cook

By: Riley W.



     As you know, Shanty was Paul Bunyan's cook, but there's more than just that Shanty and Paul found each other at a rest stop for lumber men.

      As soon as shanty was ready they headed off to the forest to chop some wood and get ready for winter! Shanty had a problem! How was he going to feed all those hungry lumberjacks? To solve that problem Paul built a giant griddle so that way all those hungry lumberjacks were content. Then, Shanty ran into another problem.  How was he going to heat up the griddle? The answer to that would be that Shanty tied slabs of butter to his shoes.

     A little later that day, gargoyles attacked everyone except Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox because they were chopping down trees. Paul and Babe couldn't here the innocent cries of shanty and his crew. Then, when Paul was done he heard the cries of his crew and cook. Paul had to wrestle with the gargoyles.

     When all of the crew and Shanty were safe they went back to camp while the gargoyles were stuck in a bunch!








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