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Barbed Wire

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Joesph Farwell Glidden





     There are many inventors in history. They have created things we use daily. Some only made one thing. One person named Joseph Farwell Glidden made an invention that changed the Texas cattle industry forever, barbed wire.

     Joseph lived from January 18, 1813 to October 9, 1906. He was born in Charleston, New Hampshire. Later moved to Clarendon, New York. Died in De Kalf, Illinois in 1906.

     Joesph made the barbs on the wire with a coffee mill. He placed them along a wire, then twisted another wire around it to keep the barbs in place. In 1847 he received a patent for barbed wire. Later, people questioned him on whether he actually invented barbed wire. I'm going to let you on a little secret, Joesph didn't invent barbed wire by himself, he had help with o n person named Isaac Elwood. Their invention only made Joesph filthy rich.

     Barbed wire was his only invention, he made it to keep the cattle inside of the ranchers land, but that later changed the Texas cattle industry. The Cows couldn't get out, to go to the cattle trails, some people, in the night, would cut the barbed wire to let the longhorns and cows go find water, or food. These people were called Cowboys, they like to be called Blue Owls or Javelinas. The cowboys went out and snipped the fences to let the cows free and let them free which eventually started a war, called the Range War. Joesph  basically started this war because he invented barbed wire. The other reason why the Cattle trails stopped is because trains came along and the cowhands were no longer needed to transport the cows.



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