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My Origin:

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               The Origin of Pulsar
                                          By:Danny B.

               I, Pulsar have trained for many years at the Space Police academy near the Zeldroin star cluster. One normal day at the academy, I was called to the Administrative office of the Space Police Academy. As I strided to the office I was very nervous, rumors around the academy had been spread that a Space Police named Mauntak had turned against justice, and had gone toward the path of evil. I also knew that my training was nearly complete, and that I should be outfitted with proper space police equipment any time now, proton lasers pulse grenades, a space police cruiser , armor ,the works.
         Once I had gone through the seemingly endless corridors of the academy, I finally had reached the administrative office. The attendant then told me that I had now fully graduated from the academy and that I would be allowed to go out into the galaxy and defend justice.
               My heart leaped with joy as I dashed to the hangar, at last! I would finally be allowed to explore the galaxy. As I hopped into my space police cruiser, there was a strange glint among the stars, it’s just star, nothing more. I fastened on my armor tightly, I better not get this armor wet, it would rust away to nothing if I didn’t take care of it.
                As my Space Police Cruiser flew off into the cold, dark reaches of space, I decided to go to the planet with the most wanted space criminals in the galaxy, Tatooant. When my space police cruiser was beginning the landing sequence, I wondered, “ Will I be able to find Mauntak here and turn him back to the path of justice. When the landing ramp on my ship stretched out, there was a loud “THUMP!”  When I walked     off of the ramp, I saw a shadow in the distance.
                  A few minutes later, something came out of the shadows and jumped on me. The thing demanded, “Who are you?”
                    “ I am Pulsar, defender of justice, who are you?” I inquired as I prepared to fire my proton laser cannon.
                      “ I am Mauntak, I turned against the space police academy, the path of justice and fell to the path of evil.” stated the now know villain.
                         We both fought for a long time, firing our proton laser cannons and pulse grenades. After an our of fighting, Mauntak pulled out strange hand blaster that I had never seen before, he fired it and 3 gallons worth of water hit my armor, my armor started to rust like I had feared since this morning.
                           “Stay away from water” I reminded myself. As I fell to my knees.       
                          “Until we meet again.” Mauntak stated as he turned on his jet pack and flew away.                   
                       “It’s time to go back to the academy and rest.” I mumbled as I walked  back to my space police cruiser.  

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