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Super Chicks

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From left to right: Sparkle, Ruby, and Crystaleer







Welcome to the Super Chicks homepage. Please enjoy everything we have


put up for you, and remember, "YOU'VE JUST BEEN








Meet The Team:















Our Favorite Places To Shop:



Ruby's Favorite Place


Crystaleer's Favorite Place


Sparkle's Favorite Place




Our Most Unfashionable Villains:



Ruby's Villain


Crystaleer's Villain


Sparkle's Villain




Individual Pictures:



Ruby's Picture


Crystaleer's Picture


Sparkle's Picture




The Old Super Chicks:



The Old Ruby


The Old Crystaleer



The Old Sparkle







Think you got what it takes to be a Super Chick? Are you Super Chicky








"Super Chicks, Super Chicks, were Super Chick-y"



Make your own fashionable superhero/villain at-





Need something fun and "super hero-y" to do? Go to this website and play super hero games-





Visit our Super Chicks Fan Page!




 Take a cool quiz, and See how well you know the Super Chicks!


See if you can figure out this CrossWord Puzzle.


Super Chicks Crossword Puzzle










Learn more:


Everything you need to know about rubies- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruby


Everything you need to know about crystals- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crystal


Everything you need to know about sparkles (or glitter!)-  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glitter







Check out some messages we have received from people in need- 


 - Nov 3 Shopping Mall Disaster

 - Jan 6 Glowing Man Visits Earth



End of the year Super Hero projects






Comments (10)

Desiree S said

at 1:38 pm on Aug 25, 2012

sarah don't touch my soup. sabrina hit her head. she said it hurts

Desiree S said

at 1:38 pm on Aug 25, 2012

i love it, just like i love my soup

Alicia C said

at 2:04 pm on Aug 22, 2012

i like all of ya'lls you all did a great job and a lot of information on yalls home page

Sabrina M said

at 4:45 pm on May 15, 2012

thanks madeline! :)

Madeline G said

at 2:32 pm on May 15, 2012

i like it

RileyW said

at 1:04 pm on May 10, 2012

Alyssa, I know How to do it, but I'm not going to tell you!

Sabrina M said

at 8:09 am on May 10, 2012

do i get a thank you? :)?

Alyssa M said

at 9:37 pm on May 9, 2012

or A++

Alyssa M said

at 9:31 pm on May 9, 2012

how did you do the voki
on there i tried to put it on my page but you have to have a link. that is cool

Sabrina M said

at 9:23 pm on May 9, 2012

love the website! I GIVE IT AN A+ ! :)

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