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Miss Huricane Story1

Page history last edited by Juan O 7 years, 8 months ago

                                                                       Down In The Sewer


     Rock slide was running to Twister and me as he yelled " There is a monster yelling at a little girl in the sewers next to the high school"!

     We ran to where Rock slide was saying all the action. When we finally got there the doors to get in the sewers were locked. "I thought how did he see this happen if the doors are locked", I puzzled.

     Rock slide walked to the locked as" This was not here when this happen" He mentioned.

     Rock slide had digged a hole under the doors to get in. Twister turned into air to go in the hole. I turned into water to go in the hole. Rock slide and Avalanche made a path to go to the sewers. About a minute later we were there in the sewer. It was to dark. Twister tried to get some dirt and dust out if the air to make it brighter, but it did not help at all.  We heard something move in the distance. I went to the water to feel how close the thing that moved.  

      All of a sudden we heard a old mad voices "Get out of here", The thing Taunted. 

     Twister asked " Why did you yell at that little girl, she probably did not did any thing to you?''

     The monster mentioned " she did not listen to my orders". 

     The monster had grabbed a chunk of mental and got his nails right threw the mental and " Get out'' The monster granted. 

     Rock Slide whispered in my ear " Were is Wild Fire''

     I replied "He is sick".

    I thought " We will make it alive''

     Twister was trying to make a little tornado to blow the monster away, but the monster looked at Twister with his red eyes, and threw the chunk of mental at Twister. Twister flew back and was knocked out for about 10 minuets.  Rock Slide sent Avalanche to attack.  After that The Monster told his dead rats attack Rock Slide.  He was even trampled by the rats.  I just splashed the rats off.  They liked Twister, and then left. He tried to attack me with his claws in my face.  I made a huge water shield to protect my friends.  It barely got me right in the face.  

     The cops came.  We all tried to hide.  The cops didn't see us.  After they left, we went to go see Grey Wolf.  He told us that the monster real name was the Sewer Phantom.  He also told us that he is a dangerous monster.  He told that one time he met him.   













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