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How I Became Twister

     It all started on the day of my graduation. It was a very rainy and humid day. Every one was in order waiting to be seated. Irene and Desiree ,my two sisters, were in line next to me. My mom and dad were there waiting to us three. Once we got seated we said the pledge and sat back down. There was thousands of people there to see the family members graduate. Everyone was so happy and overjoyed. Everyone in there blue gown and cap ready to be called. My sisters and I were almost next. Out of three hundred people we were coming up soon. The hours went by so quickly.

     They called Desiree's name first. Then I looked up and saw my sister ,Irene , I was about to wave to her but, then suddenly it seemed like everything stopped and the world revolve around me. The crowd roaring and then I got up and walk to the stage to get my degree I shook the most important peoples hands. I walked off so proud of my self. “I'm finally going to start collage,” I thought to my self. “I've had the best day's in high school but now it's over and this is going top be awesome,” I thought again.

     All of a sudden there was a enormous grumble. It was an Earth quake. We all had to evacuate the building. On such a great day an Earth Quake happens. Everyone left the and it was only my family and I. A huge crash was in the sky atmosphere. An unfamiliar colored Lazar shot down from the sky before I could get out of the way with my family the Lazar hit me and me only. It knocked me out for about two hours.

     As soon as I woke up I was in the hospital. Only Irene and Desire were there at my side to support me. My parents had to take a business trip or else they would be fired. I was a little disappointed that they weren't there, but at least I had my two sisters there by my side. Once I was good to go home I felt more powerful than usually. My friend Ashley came over to visit me. 

     We are always goofing around so to be funny we pretended to fly. Suddenly I was latterly fly. Ashley screamed and at that point I knew I was abnormal. That Lazar wasn't any Lazar.

     The next day I put my arm in front of me and wind came out of my hand.....

I'm a super hero..


My Companion (Wind Wolf)



Villains That we Fought



About Me

Fav. color- Blue

Height-5' (Im the smallest)

Fav. Food- Strawberries

Arch Nemeses- The Sewer Phantom

Companion-Wolf (wind wolf)







Twister's Links

Want a hero like mine? Click the following link..



Want to make a super hero game? Click here..













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Madie P said

at 3:20 pm on May 11, 2012

ill fix it for both of you! :)

Bradley Grant said

at 12:01 am on May 11, 2012

Hey, the light blue on white is hard to read!

Juan O said

at 1:23 pm on May 10, 2012

you can't for another 4 years

Sabrina M said

at 7:11 pm on May 9, 2012

psssttt. how can i graduate I'm only in high school... :o?

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