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How I Became Winter Wolf

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The Origin Of Winter Wolf

By:Justin S.



     One snowy morning I was looking for some food for breakfast when I saw some wolves looking around. I didn't want then to see me so I tried to hide but they had already saw me. I walked up to them to get a better look at what they were doing. They asked if I wanted to be in the pack? Then they tolled me their names, they were, Spirit Wolf, Arrow Wolf, Lupine and, Moon Wolf. When I said “yes” they tolled me that they fight this HUGE robot named Gallon Man. After that they said that they have super powers just like me!

     When the day came we went to the city to fight Gallon Man.

When we found him he was bigger than I thought he would be. It took me a while to realize that it was actually happening. That day I just watched them fight Gallon Man to see how they do it. When we had to flee I congratulated them on there hard work they did. When we got back to the den we found an elk carcass and ate it as lunch.

     The next morning I wondered off on my own to the city. As soon as I got there a lot of people started to scream and run from me for some reason. When no more people were in sight I turned around to go home but a HUGE foot was blocking my way out. I looked up to see Gallon Man staring down at me. I started to run but Gallon man punched the ground and I fell to the floor. Just then the Wolf Pack had come to save me from Gallon Man. As soon as we got away we went to the den for breakfast.

     The next day all we did was run around and hunt for food.

     After a few weeks with lots and lots of rain and thunder storms we finally got to go back to the city and defeat Gallon Man once an for all!!!!

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