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Kristopher Lee

Page history last edited by Kristopher L. 6 years, 10 months ago

Kristopher L.

The best score on my multiple intelligence test was body smart I got a 4.00


I am on the Office Team and I make 15 Knightly notes per week.


                                                            Khan Academy

My Points-10,568

My Badges-9

Lessons Watched-8


                                                           My SMI/SRI Score

SMI-560            I have grown

SRI-800                  I have grown


                                                            My PowerPoints 540


                                               How Many A.R. Points I have



                                                  My Awards




                                                       Community Service

Pie in the Face. I have entered the Pennies for Patients.


                                                       Contests I Have Entered 

I have entered the Reflections contest 2012                                                   

I have entered The Art Contest for 2013



                                                        Books I Have Read This Year



The Summer of the monkeys.  


                                                                     My Videos



                                                                      My Scanned Art


Here is my Guinea Pig report for the badge.

Guinea Pigs
Guinea pig food

Guinea pigs are herbivores and live off hay, grass, vegetables, and fruit, supplemented with a good quality of dry food. These provide them with a healthy balance of nutrients and vitamins to keep their bodies in good working order and to fight off illness. Not like other rodents, they cannot produce vitamin C in their bodies, so they need to get plenty in their diet.

Their teeth are constantly growing, and are kept short by biting and grinding abrasive materials such as hay, grass, and wooden nibblers.

Life Span

As well as being much bigger than other rodents, they also tend to have a much longer life span - usually between 4 and 6 years, but sometimes as much as 8. Although this makes guinea pigs a long-term commitment, it also means that you will form a very strong bond with your animals.


In the wild, guinea pigs live on plains, sheltering in grass and bushes, and sometimes using other animals' burrows for protection. They are very talkative animals and live in small herds, typically consisting of one male, several females, and their offspring.

Guinea pigs are playful animals and like to live in groups.
When kept as pets, they still love to live in groups of two or more, although you should be careful when putting two or more boars (males) together as they can fight. You should give your guinea pigs a large cage so that they have plenty of room to run around, and so they can spend some time alone, away from their cagemates.


Guinea pigs come from South America, near the Andes mountain range. They were originally wild animals, but were tooken in and tamed many centuries ago by the local people. They soon became really important in South American culture, being kept as pets, used in religious ceremonies and medicine, and even eaten as food.

Family and Name

Guinea pigs are rodents, which means they are part of the same family as hamsters, mice, and gerbils. They are also commonly known as 'cavies', which comes from their Latin name, 'Cavia porcellus'.

Nobody knows for sure how they came to be known as 'guinea pigs' because they are neither pigs nor from Guinea. However, it has been suggested that the 'guinea' part may just be a reference to the fact that they came from an exotic, far-away country, and the 'pig' part is because they have short, stubby bodies and large heads, making them look almost like a small * pig.

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