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Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca

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Cabeza de Vaca, Spanish Explorer

Cabeza de Vaca was Born in 1490
to a spanish family in history.
His name meant "head of cow"
given after a battle of his ancestry.

Their family name and coat of arms
and nobility was their treasure,
Cabeza de Vaca was well educated
and he told stories beyond measure.

On an expedition to North America
Cabeza de vaca came from Spain,
he left home for his travels in 1527
and on the way survived a hurricane.

The expedition landed him in Florida
where they fought upon the land,
the native americans had attacked
and the fight was hard to stand.

A raft carried the spanish survivors
to an island along the Texas Coast,
a lot of travelers got sick and died
now there were eighty men at most.

After a cold winter with little food
only fifteen men made it all the way,
they walked west by the river
in 1533 the last survivors of the day.

Cabeza de Vaca and three other men
caught by indians were enslaved,
they made it to southwestern North America
after some tribes had them saved.

He was a man with a basic knowledge
of medicine and natural healing,
he shared this with the native americans
and his cures helped bring good feeling.

Cabeza de Vaca was the first European
to see and describe the buffalo,
in his words many stories are written
of all the amazing places he would go.

In 1536 they reached a Spanish settlement
then on to Mexico City they would head,
where Cabeza de Vaca served as governor
but in 1537 he went to Spain instead.

He wrote about his travels and indians
and this encouraged expeditions the same,
in 1540 Cabeza de Vaca became governor
of a settlement that placed him with blame.

In 1545 he was on trial for his offenses,
Charges brought by the king are history.
Around 1557 this spanish hero died
leaving some expeditions to mystery.

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