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Very strong,does not like the rebels and trolls.he has a weakness of that if a person runs and screams he looks to see if it is his mother cause a long time ago his mother was in a burning house and she was screaming he never stopped looking for her.He has a long sword that almost is as long as the sky.He has a horse that is a silver and has a red wrapping around his body his name is Rate he is a very powerful horse.He was a orphan when his dad died he then met a old lady named Savina she was a good lady she fed me and hen I had to go cause I had to become a knight I was a good fighter not much kids played with me then I became a knight with a horse he was one of my best friends he helped me slay a dragon.I was a brave fighter and liked to fight trolls but not all the time I win I got beat by a troll named Cold but then demolished him it was a fun day I had a party and got a gold medal I then went to bed.


     One day as we were walking through a forest we seen a very noble man walking north as we were he was the lord of the forest on a quest to his fathers castle he joined on our quest because we were going to a castle too he had said that his castle was just up ahead but we got caught up in a big adventure we seen a trail it was familiar because south was to a lake we been before but we took a path to a dark forest where are captain sent us back to the road Cassius, Celembor and I went to the road where we could not find lady Ariana had disappeared  we seen a horse with something on it it was a red cap he started to laugh I started to think why did the red cap take the lady he then dashed passed us north heading somewhere i felt like ripping the little midgets head off but when I snap ed out of it I ended up running into a red cap so did Cassius they turned around with a big ugly frown on there face I was so creaped out by there ugly faces I had the urge to punch one of them in the face but I was so shocked then they both ripped a tree out of the ground and try ed to hit us with them I dodged it but Cassius did. Then Celembor missed with a Er row and Cassius got hit again.

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