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Guinea Pig Adaptations

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                                                                  Guinea Pig Adaptations



          The Guinea pig came from Animalia.  They are a cute animal.  The guinea pig sometimes get eaten by people in the country. 

        Guinea pigs main habitat are the mountains and grasslands in Brazil, Peru, Argentina, and Uruguayas they are native to South America and were domesticated for food centuries ago in Peru. In the wild, guinea pigs live in burrows and feed at night on plant material. Special adaptations include having a sebaceous gland on the rump. This gland puts out a scent that tells other animals to stay away, because this territory is already taken. When excited, Guinea Pigs are likely to run around in circles or stampede.

          Guinea pigs need to adapt to there environment. They mostly eat grass and crops of the people.  If they don't, they will pass away.and that's why they need to adapt to the enviroment.

                     Some live on the mountains of.  Those places so sometimes they grow long fur. Some times they live in hot places so the short fur, but they always has enough fur cause there is always winter so they have that fur to keep them alive.









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