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By Samiah, Derynise, Gabe The Hidden Temple

   The Apache were pretty cool and bridal people and here is all you need to know about them.



Apaches clothing had many difent types of clothing.   In the summer men wore breechcloth and deer skin in the winter, the reason for this is the deerskin is thick and warm which keeps there body temperature balanced. On the other hand brichcloth is the opposite.  All men and women wore sandals.

here is a picture of some clothing.

Apache ate many diffrent things.  The men hunted boffalo, deer, antelope, and it was a small game. The women gathers berries nuts and other things such as seeds. I think they were always feeding themself!  Many indians people ate rabbit and im pritty shire the did to.



Apache child care was a different stiyle. Apache held thire babbies in a kind of cacoon looking thing. It would rap around the babie,  apache might of beleve it portect the babie

and away from harm.   Let me tell you apache were ruff on thire boys. If you wre an apache boy you would think they wanted you to be in the army or portect the tribe.



1=data'a  2=nakih. 3=taagi. 4=dii'i  5=ashdla'i. 6=gosta'n  7=gosts'idi. 8=tsebii  9=gost'ai

10=goneznan.       You may not know what this is, but it's a chart. Of what you ask? Well if you jest said it correctly you jest spoke apache and jest counted to 10 its weird how to say it correctly. It's dec a. Nah iea, they ga, die, ash thai, ghost an, ghost ie, tees be, ghost i, and gonth ess.



Apache dident have video games or game bords like we do to day. So they hunted for fun! Is that crazy or what. Playing would get you food. Is that a world you want to live in I think it would get boring over times. Apache might have hardly gone hungry.



Apache homes are intresting thire homes were thick brances coverd in any type of skin avalible thire homes were like tents or a spike that you can go in. The skin was a way to keep water out and the branches that were thick could hold up the heavy skin or just to stay standing up.

Apache was hard cor so do you think they did it with out wepons. Carving a stick to a sharp point and panting it.  They were also shelds made of deer skin and any other matereals they could find.

If many other indian tribes traded apaches traded so I think the made pottiter to trade other needs and other foods. If you look at the pitcher next to the writing.

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