religion ceremonies afterlife - They believed that when a person dies you will  have to put their blood on them to reunite their family in the afterlife.They would see their family's at the afterlife and that's what they think.

origin (where are they from) - The Caddo were very nice people so they preferred to live in East Texas.

legends and myth - The Caddo believed in the animal gods,every feist they wouldn't eat anything but meat.

food and hunting - The Caddo were very big meat eaters,every once in a while they would eat vegetables.

clothing - The Caddo wore weird clothes called deer kelt, bear kelt, and feathers on their head.

shelter - The Caddo tribe cheif lived in houses called an abor, the regular people lived in houses called  tepees.

child care-The Caddo didn't have child care like now days they had something called a granny house.  They took good,no, very very good care of the children in the granny house.

leadership and government - The chief of the Caddo and the other staff members were very intelligent people and had to be responsible to be the chief of the tribe.  They would have a meeting with the other Chiefs of the tribes every few years.  The 13 tribes (and more) would make a discussion about who would be the next chief when their time has come. 

medicine - They had a special type of leaf that you would put water on and roll it up it would produce a chemical reaction that would kill the germs.

money -  They would use pottery and food and other stuff they can't grow for seeds.

transportation - They sometimes walk on foot and sometimes rode horses to go place to place.

famous people - The famous people are Creek-Pawnee and Lake Thoe who leaded the caddo to victory in war. 

games and hobbies - The caddo played games for life lessons. The caddo had hobbies that they do. They garden and spar.

weapons and war - The Caddo had a weird way of war. They used numbers to scare people. They also used spears and some will yous garden tools. They use hoes, axes, digging sticks, saws and picks.

tools and technology -  Technology was not as big as ours at the time. They use picks, axes, hoes, hammers and saws.

communication -They would do simbles in notes and would say that the sun is riseing with a half filled in circle.

education -  The caddo had schools for kids and they learn that you need to be careful of were to go because sometimes they might loose the tribe and might be on another Indian tareatory.

language and writing - The caddo had many ways of writing things down. They would take symbals and make a statement of the symbal. They speak 2 languages and one is English and the other one is called the native language.