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The Three Friends

Page history last edited by Robyn C 6 years, 2 months ago

The Three Friends

A Fable by Robyn C. and Kara K.

      One day three friends met each other in the middle of the forest.

     Horse said"Hey Mouse." 

     A while ago Mouse said"Hi horse." 

     Giraffe said"Hey Guys." 

     Horse queried"Do you guys want to go to the ranch?"

     Mouse said"No thank you." 

     Giraffe said"Yeah no way!" 

     Giraffe said"Why don't we go to my place?"

     Mouse says"Lets go to my hole under ground." 

     Giraffe said"I don't think that Horse and I will fit in." 

     Horse said"Lets just all split up and go to our own house." 

     "They all went to their own house."

     Mouse said"That was a bad idea."

     Horse said"Yeah." 

     Giraffe said"Yeah that was a bad idea." 

     So they all went to each house even though Horse and Giraffe didn't really fit in Mouse's house they tried their hardest to get in even though they couldn't fit.


The moral of our story is:  Fighting someone else is like fighting yourself.



Comments (2)

Bradley Grant said

at 10:27 pm on Jan 15, 2014

You are still missing a lot of commas between the narrator and the words spoken.

Bradley Grant said

at 2:17 pm on Jan 12, 2014

Good work. Now you need to go back and edit this for punctuation.

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