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    Mount Vesuvius is one of the most interesting volcanoes in the world, you can read about it. It erupted a lot in the Roman times and it killed a lot of people. Mount Vesuvius is the mainland of Europe. It changed in a big distance in about 200,000 years. It stand today about 1,277 feet tall and is 48 kilometers wide. Mount Vesuvius was made by a volcano called somma. It collapsed about 17,000 years ago. Mount Vesuvius is a composite Volcano.

    There are only 3 different volcanoes in the world there is a composite volcano, a shield volcano, and a cinder cone. Although there is more volcano types, but these are the main names for the other names the other volcano types are Ash-Cinder volcano, Dome volcano, Caldera volcano, and a Fissure volcano.

    The word volcano came from a roman story with a girl named Afrodiety and a boy named Volcan they say that he was an ugly baby so his mom threw him out.

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