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Page history last edited by Bradley Grant 6 years, 9 months ago

Monday:  January 6

   Review expectations:  Class procedures, restroom, cafeteria behavior, transitions

Tuesday:  January 7

   Review expectations on how we treat one another.  What is acceptable and what is not.  When do we go too far??  Body language.  Telling someone to stop....what does that mean?  Keep doing it? or do we say we are sorry?


Wednesday:  January 8

  Character trait is Perseverance    What does it mean?  Bring up topics about grades, attendance, studying


Thursday:  January 9

  Really hit on Attendance.  Make a class oath only to be absent when it is an emergency.  What are emergencies?  Have a goal on 100% attendance each day.  Make a chart of how many days you have 100% attendance.  (Please make sure when a student comes back you welcome them back and avoid students blaming them for not getting 100% that day.  That is when we refer back to the lesson on "our words and how we treat one another)


Friday:  January 10

   Perseverance.  Look back at the week and have students give examples of perseverance.  We need to really stress attendance.  (Maybe give an example of someone coming to school that was sick, but tried to stay at school when they really didn't feel well).  How we depend on each other in our groups and when your partner is not there to help, etc.  Tell a story of someone that has persevered through a bad time.

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