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Self Discipline

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Monday:  Ask students to describe in their own words what self-discipline means to them.

Self-discipline means: the act of disciplining or power to discipline one's own feelings, desires, etc., esp. with the intention of improving oneself.

Class discussion: Why is self-discipline important?

How can having self-discipline help students improve?


Tuesday and Wednesday:   Share some examples of students who exercise self-discipline

Complete their assignments

Stay on task

Wait to be called on

Work toward personal and community goals

Try again and again

Ignore peer pressure

Choose productive rather than destructive activities

Control their tempers

Class discussion:  Ways to strengthen your self-discipline

Decide that you really want to be someone who's self-disciplined.

 Your desire will motivate you to make good choices.

Make a personal commitment to develop and strengthen these traits.

Write down specific things to do.

Learn the rules that determine what you can and cannot do.

Be accountable. Accept responsibility for your own behavior. Don't blame others for your actions and decisions.

Self-discipline is something you can teach yourself. For example, set aside time to read more or to clean up. Eliminate harmful habits. For example, if you spend several hours each week watching TV programs, or playing video games, make a conscious decision to spend your time in healthier, more productive ways.


Thursday: Brainstorm a list of problems that might result from lack of self-discipline: ex. Personal appearance, physical-mental-emotional health, school success, life success, friendships, and talents.

Role-play how you might talk with a friend who is demonstrating a lack of self-discipline.


Friday: Activities to practice self-discipline

Do silly exercises to strengthen your self-discipline like not scratching.

Play the blink game (have students sit in pairs across each other the first one to blink loses the game)

(Charades) have one of the student’s think of a word. However, they cannot speak a single word. It is rather difficult for children to not blurt out the word as they become frustrated.


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