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Put this in your tool kit:



1. Introduction: My creature is interesting . . .

2. Habitat  (where does it live?)

3. Description  (give detail of what it looks like)

4. Diet What does your creature eat?

5. Defense and Protection (predators?)

6. Life Cycle - stages in growth, how long will it live?

7. Behavior - learned and instinctive behavior

8. Reproduction - how does it continue the species, courtship behavior?

9. Adaptations to survive

10 Conclusion


Sabryna - Blue footed booby

Venesa- tapir

Nevaeh - Snow leopard

Ritchie - Arctic Fox

Tiyra- Kiwi

Gian - Bush Viper

Carmelina - Olm

Lily - Transparent Jelly fish

Ale- Axolotl

Gianna - Tufted Deer

Aleeza - Narwhal

Kashau - Transparent head fish

Gabriel - Red panda

Alanah - Fennec

Destiny - Caterpillar snake

Sergio - Illi pikia 

Mason - Spider crab

Blue - Capybara

Khalil -  Saltwater crocodile

Victoria - long eared owl

Jeremiah - tasmanian devil

Julian- sugar glider

Andreya - Aye Aye

Cohen -Pangolin

Kailey-Emperor Tamarin

Xavier - Royal fly catcher

Blake -3 toed sloth

Melynda - Dumbo Octopus

Victor - puffin

Aricela - Blob fish

Katelyn - stoat

Tresean - fried egg jellyfish

Ariana -blue starfish

myreon- duckbilled platypus

Sebastian - collosal squid

Abigal - leafy seadragon

Alexandra - sunbear

Kadence -horned toad

matthew - oarfish

Madison ring-tailed cat

Micahel - red dart frog


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