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Gabrielle Z.

I am nature, body, and music smart. I am on the Boitech team and I am making 25 credits per week. I am also a Knight and I am fixing to be a Master!


                                                            Khan Academy

My Points-

My Badges- 

Lessons Watched-


My SMI/SRI Score

My SMI score is 700 and I have grown 225 points.

SRI-   ______     I have grown ___________


My Power Points 

    I have 188 Power Points. I bought a Medical Droid, Jedi Powers, Yellow Saber Crystal, Speak With Animals and Targeting Goggles. I also have a character in the star wars movie named Nami and another character (My sister in the movie) is Gem. So its Gem and Nami. We are twins


My Badges

 I have the First Post Badge, Meet The Teacher, Edmodo Parent, 2 PTA Badges, Happy Birthday, Taco Cabana Night, Gardeneer, 3 Parent Participation Badges, Open House, Star Student of the Month, I Know My Info, Spooktacular, 2 A Honor Rolls, Bike Rodeo,  Year Book, Safety, Watch Dog Program, Salado Math Night, Star Wars Night, Oceanography, Patriot Express, Salado Year Book, 100th Post, A/B Honor Roll, Wax Museum, Bravo, Poetry Cafe, Salado Movie Night, Tatooine Senator and Salado Morning Show Crew! That puts me to 34 badges in all.



Contests I Have Entered

I have entered the Reflactions contest, PTA let your imagination fly, vegout contest, super hero contest and Poetry Cafe. 


Community Service

I did a donation for cancer and donated $5.00.


Books I Have Read This Year

The books that I have read were Skylark and the Boxcar childred. Let me tell you a quick summary about each one.  Skylark was about how a girl lived in a place where there was a lot of fires.  The were two fires that happend.  Then she moved with her Aunt but she did'nt take care of her and only the farm.  The other book that I read, The Boxcar Chlidren was about a family who solves mysterys about familys. They thought that that the family were spies but it just a movie but then it has a little twist in the middle of the book which I can't tell anyone unless they read the book.




My Videos




My Scanned Art


My Reports

I have done about eight or nine reports about everything.  There is the Take Care Of Texas, Who Would I like to be for One Day, What I like to do during my free time, Whats my hobby, What do you want to be when you grow up and so much more! Here is a comic that I did in class!

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